Moments ago, joint forces of the Syrian Air Force and Russian Air Force pounded ISIS inside the besieged city of Qaryatayn in eastern Homs as several airstrikes struck the city’s streets.


With an estimated 15.000 non-belligerent residents inside the Qaryatayn, ISIS was formally requested to retreat from the city last week as to avoid civilian casualties; however, they refused to do so and have since been encircled by government troops.


With all hilltops arround the city captured, combined troops of the Syrian Armed Forces are currently massing to attack ISIS insurgents inside the city. Sources close to Al-Masdar News suggest the city might very well be stormed any minute now.


With Palmyra entirely captured from Islamic State fighters as of yesterday evening, the momentum in eastern Homs currently seems to favor the Syrian Government and its army.


Remarkably, if the Syrian Arab Army is able to capture Qaryatayn, this will allow them to reopen the M7-Highway from Damascus to Palmyra which has been closed for years due to the skirmishes with various Islamist groups in the countryside of Homs and Damascus.


Al Masdar