Units of Army and Armed Forces, in cooperation with popular defense groups, continued military operations to tighten control over Palmyra city where fierce clashes are taking place in various areas causing heavy losses upon ISIS terrorists.


Field sources said that the army units advanced in the western neighborhood of Palmyra town after heavy clashes with ISIS terrorists.


According to the sources, the army units also launched intensive military operations towards southern orchards, achieving important advances towards the city.


Al-Ameria neighborhood on the northern outskirts of the city, which is the last defensive line of ISIS terrorists was seized by the army.
The sources added that violent clashes also are going on in the vicinity of Palmyra airport in the eastern of the city.


During the past two days, the army seized the archaeological Palmyra castle, Wadi al-Qobor, al-Qosor Mountains, the Qatari palace and all hills surrounding the city.




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