On April,6, Dutch will decide the fate of association between Ukraine and the EU. On the eve, journalist Alexander Sibirtsev was in the Netherlands and described the mood of the local people about the coming referendum. 


“I think the result will be bad for Ukraine, according to my impressions. If from time to time before some point “B” public mood was indifferent to the upcoming referendum, then now when the Socialist Party and many eurosceptics have intervened, everything changed”, the journalist said. According to him, the first euroscepticism campaign was not aimed against Ukraine. 


“Ukraine’s joining the euro-zone on the background of the war in Donbass makes Europeans to think: all these people will rush to us here. Although this won’t happen and we fully understand it, of course, but they are talking about it directly: millions of Ukrainians will rush to us and spoil the whole picture, we would be forced to accept them and give political refugee status to them”, Alexander Sibirtsev had summed up.




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