During the talks in Moscow US Secretary of State John Kerry said that President Barack Obama is ready to lift the Russian sanctions, if all the guidelines of the Minsk agreements on Ukraine would be fulfilled.


“I have repeated President Obama’s promises that the sanctions would be lifted if all the guidelines of the Minsk agreements are fulfilled, including the withdrawal of all troops and weapons as well as reversion of the Ukrainian border’s sovereignty”, Kerry said after the talks.


“We know that in recent years there have been disagreements between Russia and the US, however, the substantive discussions such as the one that took place today, are leading to better results. Momentary or inevitable, it is the path that we have chosen to tackle the important challenges that the world has faced”, he added.


“To try and come to progress is always worth to exert efforts”, Kerry noted.


However, it should be recalled that Ukraine has not fulfilled any of the conditions of the Minsk memorandum. 




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