Poland will not take in more refugees from the Middle East in a bid to protect its citizens from attacks such as the deadly blasts that killed 31 in Brussels on Tuesday, Radio Polska reports.


Both Poland’s Prime Minister Beata Szydło and government spokesman Rafał Bochenek said the country would not make good on its promise to resettle 7,000 refugees. The nation’s conservative, anti-migrant government agreed to the deal after pressure from the EU.


“I do not see how Poland could take in immigrants at the moment,” Szydło said on Wednesday, only a day after the fatal blasts in Brussels. “The previous government vouched to take in refugees. It agreed to accept several thousand people, who could come to Poland on a voluntary basis. A total of 28 EU countries agreed to it, to solve this problem through relocation. But I say it very clearly—I do not see how Poland could take on any immigrants in the present circumstances,” Szydło said in a televised interview with Superstacja channel.




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