Seventeen years ago, on March 24, 1999, without any permission of the UN Security Council NATO troops have started a bombardment of a sovereign Yugoslavia over the matter of its aspiration to keep inviolability of territory. Making airstrikes of the cities and killing civilians, NATO had celebrated its 50th anniversary.


Based on information of Federal Republic of Yugoslavia’s authorities from March 24, to June 10, 1999 the total number of civilian deaths amounted to over 1 700 people, including almost 400 children, and about 10 thousand of seriously injured. Over half a million people were left homeless. The mortality rate due to a sharp deterioration of living conditions cannot be assessed.


Today, in the cities of Serbia and Montenegro will be hold Memorial Events which received a special urgency this year. All of them will take place in the context of the broader anti-NATO campaign. People will take to the streets to remind their authorities what actually causes “integration” into the Western world, and that pro-Western governments establish friendly contact with the executioners.




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