7am (GMT), Zaventem International Airport, Brussels





Twin blasts struck the departure hall at Zaventem International airport in Brussels — reportedly next to an American Airlines check-in desk just before 7am this morning.


Belgian federal prosecutor Frederic Van Leeuw said it was likely that one of the blasts was a suicide bomb.


One of the suspects was found dead at the scene with a Kalashnikov assault rifle and an unexploded suicide bomb belt.


At least one explosive was a nail bomb, officials confirmed.


Hundreds were evacuated and many were seen running for the exits covered in blood and dust.


Bodies and debris coated the floor after the ceiling tiles fell from the roof.


and there were conflicting reports of a suicide bomb attack.




7.30am, Zaventem International Airport, Brussels




After a haphazard evacuation emergency services had removed all from the building. 


The surrounding area was put on lockdown as would-be passengers huddled on the tarmac outside, waiting for buses to take them to a “Crisis Centre”.


Emergency crews said that it would be difficult to recover all the bodies after the ceiling toppled following the airport blast.


But it is understood that at least 14 have died in the initial blasts.


8.30am, Maelbeek metro station, Brussels




And just an hour later another explosion hit the Maelbeek metro station in the city centre, close to several European Union institutions.


At least 20 people have been killed so far with the death toll expected to rise.


And 136 people remain injured in the three blasts.


12:30am, Naventem International Airport, Brussels


Police confirm they have arrested two suspects in connection with the attack but believe that more may be at large.


Pictures emerged on


1pm, Tihange Nuclear Power Plant, Belgium


Just before 1pm local time a major Nuclear power plant was evacuated, local media reported.


Belgium has since raised its terror threat to the highest level following the attacks.


Officials said that jihadi suspects were at large 


All flights have been diverted away from Brussels Zaventem and transport links cut.



Brussels victims


The city’s entire metro rail system was shut following the Maelbeek blast.


The latest death toll says about 34 people killed, and almost 200 injured.




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