An army unit ambushed ISIS terrorists in the eastern countryside of Hama province, a field source told SANA on Thursday.


According to the source, the ambush resulted in the destruction of a truck loaded with weapons and ammunition intended to be sent to ISIS terrorists in al-Sheikh Hilal village in Hama eastern countryside and the death of a  number of terrorists.




A leader within ISIS terrorist organization named “Hassan Abboud”, who is identified as the “Wali (emir) of Homs”, was killed in an army raid in the southeastern countryside of Aleppo province.


Media said Abboud was killed along with a number of his companions, while others were injured, in the raid which took place at the site of Khanaser town.


The terrorist Abboud was responsible for the attack launched by ISIS terrorists on Khanser few weeks ago.


He was the leader of the formerly “Dawood Brigade” that is affiliated to the “Islamic Front” in Idleb before he pledged allegiance to ISIS last year.




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