What can unite the country better than arranged attack at the proper time?! Those “golden rule”, perhaps, is fundamental to anyone who lives and works in accordance with the tenets prescribed in American manuals. 



New York in September 2011, and Boston in April 2013 are one of the most “successful” examples. Paris attacks in November 2015 are from the same opera. However, not everything has turned out smoothly and with the desired result. For example, bus bomb attack in Ukraine, Volnovakha did not bring expected dividends to Poroshenko despite the world tour in tandem with a piece of the bus that demonstrated the brutality of “terrorists” and craftiness of “aggressor”. Nevertheless, it is no wonder. In a country where everything is done exclusively ass-backwards, the effect and efficiency are unlikely to be terrific.


As for yesterday’s terrorist attack in Ankara – everything went like clockwork. 


A suicide bomber, an explosion near the government building, serious number of casualties and victims, fear and panic among the locals. The main suspects are members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, who has long been Erdogan’s eye sore. 


But it’s impossible to be up and start to destroy for no reason in particular, you know. This requires a serious motive. And now there are 34 dead, 120 injured and thousands of frightened all to pieces people.


The fact that fear is the most powerful human sense has long been known. But Erdogan has quite a bit of time to strike while the iron is hot. While the country is in hysteria, while the ordinary Turks are in a state of shock and can’t take a reality check – there is a chance to dispose of an undesirables. 


Besides the political component, there is also a moral-psychological aspect. Notorious #WorldWithUs which is so necessary to power-fix unhealthy ambitions of president Erdogan’s pinched vanity. Only yesterday he actually went into circulation and stood one step with his Ukrainian counterpart. And today his name is on the front pages of the world media, case officers of the Washington’s Regional Committee and NATO headquarters are puzzled and worried and the press-service has already tired to report about receiving condolences and words of encouragement.


All of the above does not purport to be true in last instance, of course. But facts are stubborn. For some time past this is the fifth major terrorist attack in Turkey. And the most curious thing is that they took place “at the right time and place” and it was beneficial to Erdogan.


Firstly, the figure of perfect enemy is showing up more clearly. Almost all previous suicide bombers, what a coincidence, were the Kurds, who had long-standing claims on the Turkish authorities. Apparently that yesterday’s terrorist attack will be placed to their account. There are good reasons why the Turkish authorities have imposed restrictions on the coverage of the terrorist attack in Ankara in the media. The ban adverts the public showing of place of the act of terrorism Live, broadcasting the moment of the explosion and what happened after it, including showing of victims. Ankara’s court has blocked access to social networks on grounds of unacceptable proliferation of photos and videos depicting the victims and the time of the explosion.


Secondly, after the perpetrators would be identified, the authorities absolutely legally will begin to secure the undesirables. Mass arrests after the attacks is a common practice. Certainly, on the sly would be cooked dissenting mass media goose and all those who are suspected of being sympathetic to the Kurds.


Third, Erdogan once again have a chance not only to show himself strong, brave and resolute fighter against terrorism but also to try to force in his authoritarian ambitions in the constitutional field.


Fourth, namely acts of terrorism work towards the consolidation of society. Fear overshadows the mind and own safety becomes the main concern of everyman. And at that moment comes Erdogan dressed in black, mourning and decisive. And said that only joint efforts can defeat terrorism. And overseas will certainly help them. The thing is while the fighter with the plague of the XXI century threaten terrorism with one hand, with the second he regularly feeds this terrorism – the terrified Turks does not even occur. And even if it comes, it is better to keep quiet about it. Otherwise, you can be left without a head…


So, as far as the eye could reach, the benefit to the current Turkish government is clearly seen in each act of terrorism. But the world community prefers not to notice this. Or maybe just lack of time. Indeed, all their forces are now focused on the fight against the “real” tyrant and dictator. With those who strangles freedom and democracy in Russia. And “starving” Savchenko is much more interesting to them than the death of more than 30 Turkish citizens. Big deal, what is another more or less?  If only yesterday’s explosion could be somehow linked with Putin and with notorious “hand of the Kremlin” then everything would start to play in very different colors. But…


Until Erdogan and his band still ranks among Washington sons of bitches, all his “pranks” would be written off the favorable scenario. 


It is possible that due to a number of political, diplomatic and military failures the Turkish Fuhrer has received an unambiguous warning that he needs to establish control in his own country as soon as possible, to regain his citizens trust and to improve relations with Europe. It seems that Erdogan had decided that the mass commemoration is the most suitable event for that. Obviously, the success of last year’s «Je suis Charlie» and long interaction with Poroshenko have left their mark.


But it is not certain that the scale of yesterday’s tragedy corresponds to the “desired” level of international grief and support.


It means that it is clearly not the last act of terrorism.


And, I’m afraid, is not the most bloody by human victims…


Erdogan essentially needs his own “Heavenly Hundred”.


Yulia Vityazeva especially for News Front




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