Mohammad Mesbah, a researcher at the high-profile American Carnegie Institute, said religion is not a determining factor for Moroccans to support the so-called Islamic State (IS)


Mesbah conducted a series of public opinion polls where he found that the ratio of religious and non-religious ISIS supporters is almost equal. The results also showed that people with dire economic problems and poor education are more likely to support the self-proclaimed Caliphate.


In a related context, Mohammed al-Masri, an observer and researcher at this institute says that according to the public opinions conducted in Morocco, people strongly attribute the formation of Isis to social and political factors, and believe religion is totally irrelevant in this regard.


According to the polls of the Center for Political Research and Studies of Arab countries, despite takfiri groups’ intensive campaign to attract young people, only 8 percent of the nearly 34 million population of Morocco agree to join ISIS.


Al Masdar