Macedonia, which is not a country of the European Union, is forced to pay for the Brussels mistakes on the immigration crisis, but does not receive any help from the community in response to this. This was stated by the President of Republic Gjorge Ivanov in an interview, published in the German Bild.


‘It is not for the first time when the EU leaves Macedonia in the lurch, we have already came across this. During the war in Kosovo, we gave asylum to 360 thousand refugees and no one helped us. That is why now we have taken a preventive measure – our army guards the border. In the course of current immigration crisis we are paying for the EU mistakes, €25 million of taxpayers’ money were already spent, we are in a critical situation’, he said.


In addition, the president said that due to immigration crisis the security of the EU became at a serious risk. ‘By the way of immigration crisis the security has been completely lost of sight. If we’d depended upon Brussels and wouldn’t reacted ourselves, then the jihadists would have already captivated us’, stated Ivanov. ‘Just give a glance at those documents and passports, all of them were purchased, we have confiscated 9 thousand of such’, added the head of Republic. ‘It is necessary to proceed from the premise that many of the refugees who were on the way with such documents are trying to get on the “Balkan route” being radical fighters’, claimed Ivanov. 


From Wednesday the border of Macedonia is completely closed for the passage of illegal immigrants. This measure was assumed shortly after Slovenia and Serbia have announced about new restrictive measures on entry of migrants and refugees. 


At that time in Greece near the border with Macedonia gathered 13-14 thousand of migrants waiting for pass into the Balkan state for further route to the Western Europe.




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