The famous Turkish poet Hüseyin Haydar repented before Russians for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, on the part of whom was shot down Russian military aircraft, and the pilot was killed.



As Haydar wrote in his poem “An apology to the great Russian nation”, he feels guilty for the “occurred crime in front of him” and he might try to stop it. “Fraternal bonds were torn in front of us”, – laments the poet.


An Apology to the Great Russian Nation


I am a Turkish poet Hüseyin Haydar
I have witnessed the dark and dastardly deeds,
However, I am sure that all the damned villains would be judged


It is unthinkable, but those crimes
Have occurred in front of everyone, and my guilt
Is that I might, I could try to stop it,
But unfortunately, it is only then been realized


I am a Turkish revolutionist Hüseyin Haydar
I’m begging pardon from every Russian, from all the Russian nation
By courage of Russian mountains, plains and steppes
God forgive me, the land of the great Lenin


Fraternal ties were torn in front of us,
All this happened in front of me
I might, I could prevent it


We were not carelessness, that’s our fault
That we are not masters of our own country
That fatherland’s torch shines so weak,


That’s why I appeal to Eurasia and Turkey
In destans and songs I beg for forgiveness
From Mayakovsky and Gorky,
And from Soviet Ivan
Who protected from Nazi his land.


I beg for forgiveness the country heroes,
Women, men, children and the elderly,
From 23 million of Bereaved,
And from Gagarin who accomplished his feat,
And from the Soviet brother who gave us a hand
In our great national war


I ask forgiveness Aralov Semen
And Russian women, pasted the war,
All those who with generosity of their souls,
Showered us with blessings in a difficult moment
I ask forgiveness from the Russian peasant,
From Russian revolutionary
In the presence of those who have died in the war,
In the presence of thousands of rifles and guns
I declare boldly:


I am a Turkish poet Hüseyin Haydar,
I admit I’m guilty, turning my head toward the light
I could not save the country from shame
Great Russian nation forgive me for it
And bowing my knees, I beg your pardon Oleg Peshkov’s mother


* Oleg Peshkov, Russian pilot, a hero whose plane was shot down by “jihadists-imperialists”


On November 24, 2015 the Russian Su-24 was shot down by a Turkish F-16 fighter. The Russian Defense Ministry stressed that the aircraft flew over the Syrian territory, which allowed the Russian military aviation flights.


Catapulted pilot Oleg Peshkov was executed by terrorists from the ground, and the navigator was able to be saved and to delivered to the Russian base. He said that his plane did not violate Turkish airspace and Turkish military were not even try to contact the crew, but immediately opened fire, denying the possibility to change the course.


According to WikiLeaks, the Turkish president personally gave the order to shoot down a Russian plane. According to a source WikiLeaks, the head of Turkey decided to “put the country on the brink of war with Russia” in order to unite the government and obtain support.


Hüseyin Haydar is a famous Turkish poet, laureate of national awards. He was born in 1956. In 1973 he became the first poet to competition, organized by the Ministry of National Education. Since 1979 is publishing in such leading journals as the “Society and Arts”, “Work of Art”, “Literary Front”, “Turkish language”, “Property”, “Literature Yazko”, “National Art”, etc. The first Haydar’s collection of poems titled “Suffering tyurkyusyu” has won the Academic Publishing House.




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