The advisor of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Buthainia Shaaban stressed that Syria is heading towards victory, thanks to sacrifices offered by the loyal people in the country.


In an interview with al-Manar on Monday night, Shaaban said that Damascus backs any power that fights terrorism in Syria.


Commenting on blacklisting Hezbollah by the Gulf Cooperation Council, Shaaban said that the move comes in favor of the Lebanese resistance movement because it uncovered by which side the others are standing.


The president advisor said that Syria had since 2014 offered its plan for solving the Syrian crisis, starting from countering terrorism.


In this context, Shaaban stressed that fighting terrorism is priority in a bid to secure the country and face sedition.


Meanwhile, there is some change in the stances adopted by the UN special envoy to Syria, Stephan De Mistura, Shaaban said, stressing that such change is because of the battlefield which is now in the hand of the Syrian army and its allies.


Al Masdar