Serbia does not intend to join NATO, said the country’s president Tomislav Nikolić. 


“We will not do this”, – he said in an interview with Sputnik.


However, he stressed that Belgrade has a great potential for cooperation both with the Alliance and with other entities, such as the CSTO. 


In due course, I personally insisted on sending a delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Collective Security Treaty Organization. Russians didn’t require that, although our delegation had already attended meetings of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly”, – said the Serbian president.


He also suggested that Russia has enough verbal assurances that Serbia does not seek NATO. 


“Russia as a serious country does not count on how much percent we are connected with Moscow, and how much with NATO. Russia knows that Serbian citizens do not want their country to join the alliance”, – said Nikolić.


Serbia is the CSTO observer state since April 2013. At the same time acts a parliamentary resolution adopted in 2007 on the neutrality of Serbia in point of military alliances.




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