The fact that the EU holds negotiations with Turkey on accession to the union in exchange for help in solving the problems with migrants, says about EU’s moral degradation, said member of the Bundestag, member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs Sevim Dağdelen.




For Ankara’s assistance the European Union ignores the fact that Turkey supports the “Islamic state” and is ready to intensify negotiations on its accession to the EU on the background of the oil trade with IS. 


‘I believe this signifies the EU’s moral bankruptcy. The EU has lost its values. That’s why we cannot take the EU membership talks with Turkey seriously. By placing the responsibility for the future of refugees in the hands of a criminal – president Erdogan, the EU has forfeited its standing in these talks. Erdogan is the reason why we have a refugee crisis in the first place’, said the deputy.


According to her, by taking a side of President Erdogan, the EU betrays everything that was supposed to symbolize the European values. However, according to the deputy, the threat of terrorism is not associated with increasing number of refugees in Europe.


‘The main reason why the terrorist threat is growing is the bombings of Libya and Iraq and Afghanistan, which has been being bombed for the past 15 years. All these bombings are carried out under the slogans of fighting terrorism, but instead they only produce more terrorism. This makes the terror threat spread to Europe’, said the politician.


Refugees are not related to this, said Dağdelen. In her opinion, terrorists are unlikely to go to Europe by boat across the Mediterranean, they are more likely to arrive by business class plane, because they have clouts and money. They will seek other ways, convinced the politician. 


Dağdelen believes that governments of countries supporting assassinations by Islamists are responsible for the expulsion of people from their native places. 


‘I was in the refugee camps in Lebanon. People there told me that they are fleeing those violent gangs in Syria and Iraq. It’s absurd to think that the only reason for refugees is the government in Damascus or the terrorists’, she noted. 


Turkey is now responsible for more than 2,000 Kurds fleeing the region. Just recently, a boat with Kurds was intercepted in the Aegean Sea for the first time. This is evidence that Erdogan unilaterally broke the ceasefire and launched a war against Kurds.


‘Hundreds of thousands of Kurds will eventually have to leave their country. I think we need to tackle the root cause of the refugee problem. You can’t just fight against refugees’, concluded Dağdelen.




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