ISIS is planning a ‘spectacular’ attack on British soil, the UK’s top anti-terror officer warned today.


Scotland Yard Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley has said the terror group is ‘trying to build bigger attacks’ around the world and the UK is one of its number one targets.


After the devastating series of suicide attacks on Paris last year where 130 died, a similar plot is a ‘natural next step’ for the terror group, he said.


Last November Mr Rowley admitted a suspected jihadi is being arrested every day to prevent a Paris-style terror attack.


He also revealed officers are holding known extremists for ‘anything we can’ to ‘disrupt’ potential terror plots on home soil.


Mr Rowley also revealed Britain had officers in France and Belgium after the attacks and was ‘harvesting information’ about ISIS terrorists who killed 130 in Paris ‘to prevent attacks’ in the UK. 




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