German Chancellor Angela Merkel demonstrates the absurdity, stupidity and lack of any intelligence when it comes to one of the most important for European Union issues – the migration crisis. At first she is ready to take every refugee almost in her residence open-armed then makes such statements, which clearly show a desire to close the borders for refugees. 




Angela Merkel said that Germany will not abandon the concept of a balanced budget without new borrowings. According to her, she intends to continue following through with deficit-free policy for the sake of the future generation of Germany. Merkel says she will not run in the “new” debts, as well as raise taxes. 


“The budget without new debts is just reasonable for a country with an aging population”, – said Merkel.


It would seem justifiable statement, but not so easy! The flow of refugees does not stop, forcing the German, and all the other European authorities to allocate a lot of money on the security and benefits for refugees. In addition, do not forget about the “gift money” for Erdogan and Turkey, which supposedly should be a kind of outpost between the Middle East and the EU. That is the migration policy of Angela Merkel which make itself felt from the very germ of the crisis! It is unclear now how Merkel is going to take matters into her own hands.


Most likely, the answer to this question must be sought in the greed of the German leader. Due to the fact that she still wants to stay in power, Merkel will do everything so that the Europeans who are not supporting her changed their opinion and back their trust to her. 


Today statements about balanced budget are only a method not to fall in regional elections (Landtags), where for the first time in history could win Eurosceptics. Angela Merkel is well aware that, adhering to the policy of “open doors”, she launched a non-refundable mechanism, which in the long term became a real challenge for the European Union, as the flow of refugees from the Middle East and Africa only increased. But this is equivalent to admit defeat! That is why Merkel cling to power with her last strength using any methods.




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