UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura said that the Syrian people, and not foreigners, are the ones to decide the fate of President Bashar al-Assad.


In an interview given to France 24 on Friday, de Mistura wondered why not let Syrians decide that, and why must others say in advance what the Syrians will say as long as they have the freedom and the chance to do so.


He stressed that the solution should be led by Syria and should belong to Syrians, adding that he is still optimistic about cessation of combat activities in Syria despite some breaches.


The cessation of combat activities began on February 27th, with the Syrian government showing clear commitment to it, as the Syrian Arab Army didn’t retaliate in responses to breaches that took place in several areas so that the agreement can be given a chance.


De Mistura also said that the Russian airstrikes on terrorist sites in Syria, the refugee crisis, and the spread of ISIS outside Syria and Iraq have all tangibly spurred the political process.