Washington has invested incomparably more in defense than Russia, yet NATO officials are still trying to present Moscow as a potential threat to the United States and Europe, French news website AgoraVox asserted.


NATO troops


“Any claims that Russia poses a threat” to other nations is puzzling, the media outlet noted. “Statistics shows that if any threat exists, it is posed by the US.”


In 2014, Russia spent 4.5 percent of its GDP on defense, while the United States military’s expenditures fell to 3.5 percent of the GDP, the data released by the World Bank shows. This would have been an alarming trend for some, but the actual figures show the real difference. America’s GDP amounted to $17.42 trillion that year, while Russia’s was worth $1.861 trillion.


In 2014, global military spending totaled approximately $1.776 billion, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). US military expenditures amounted to $610 billion, followed by the European Union and China. With its $84.5 billion spent on defense, Russia did not even make the top three.


“In addition, many US businesses, particularly high-tech companies, covertly work for the defense industry,” the media outlet observed. “The US military and industrial sector forms the basis of the American economy.”


AgoraVox maintains that anti-Russian rhetoric serves to distract attention from NATO’s muscle flexing in Europe because the alliance uses Russia’s so-called “aggressive” behavior to justify its military expansion into Russia’s traditional sphere of interests.


“Europe controlled by the US is focused on war, not peace,” AgoraVox lamented.




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