European countries are losing patience over Ukraine. The upcoming Dutch referendum on EU association with Kiev may give a clear signal that Europe is ready to get rid of the irritating issue.




Europe is challenging the idea of supporting the Ukrainian government. Voters at the upcoming Dutch referendum on EU association with Ukraine may for the first time openly stand against the EU’s policy toward Ukraine, an article in The Wall Street Journal read.


The traditionally tolerate Dutch will stage a national “advisory” referendum next month on whether the European Union should grant associate status to Ukraine, observer John Vinocur wrote.  And, according to polls, they are likely to tell the Ukrainians to “buzz off.”


He underscored that calls are decreasing in Europe to extend anti-Russian sanctions, an issue which will be brought up in several months.


At the same time, the journalist highlighted the fact that Europe is getting tired of the Ukrainian issue.


“It [Ukraine] is an enormous irritant. There are countries that think, ‘couldn’t Ukraine be bargained off in some way?'” a high-ranking official in Brussels told the author.




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