Petro Poroshenko Bloc’s MP Vadim Denisenko is sure that Ukraine will lose the referendum in the Netherlands because Europe does not want to grant Ukraine a visa-free regime.


Ukraine will lose this referendum. And there’s almost no chance to win. You can talk about anti-emigrant lobby, which have won in the EU, as some politicians do. In fact, the EU doesn’t want to give us the visa-free regime. Why should the Europeans give it to a country, which is now in a state of war with Russia. And besides no one can understand the consequences of this war, – he wrote on his page in the social network.


Denisenko is sure that the Europeans are afraid of Ukrainian refugees, just as they now fear of migrants flow from the Middle East. 


Unfortunately, we live in an illusion of an idealistic world where good and kind Europeans or Americans are helping us to get out of crisis. The Western world see the benefits in us, only as a colony. The colony, which does not raise its head and does everything what they say. The colony, which has to deliver a bit of grain, to fight corruption a little and to supply neighboring countries with cheap labor. If necessary, the country could be a military buffer with Russia”, – he wrote.


Later, Denisenko deleted the post from his page. However, the screenshot is still preserved on the Internet.




A referendum on the approval of Ukraine-European Union Association Agreement will be held in the Netherlands, on April 6, 2016. It will be asked to answer the question: “Are you for or against the ratification of the Agreement on the association between the European Union and Ukraine”? The Netherlands is the only EU member state that has not ratified the 394-page agreement on association between Ukraine and the EU.




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