Tens of thousands of people from Amed and its adjoining districts continue flooding into the city centre today to march to the district of Sur and break the siege that has been in force for 92 days. Clashes have broken out and continue between demonstrators and police teams across the city as police fire gas canisters, plastic bullets and water at the people.




Hundreds of civilians are known to be trapped in various locations in Sur and under fire by Turkish military and police forces. There are fears that a massacred will be carried out like in Cizre, where as many as 178 people were shot and burned to death.


People are seen to be wearing masks with the faces of those killed by state forces in the Cizre and Silopi districts of Şırnak. People have also pulled down police barricades at various points as slogans resound across the city.


Thousands advancing from the Kayapınar neighbourhood have reached the central Ofis district near Sur. Demonstrators have gathered, built up barricades and lit fires on Lise Street.


Thousands from the district of Ergani also continue their march to Amed despite obstructions by security forces. People have managed to overcome the barricades laid at the exit of the district, chanting slogans “PKK is the people and the people are here”.


Those marching from the district of Bismil have been prevented from entering the city but are resisting.


Meanwhile calls have been made by HDP officials including Co-President Demirtaş who has called on people to continue the march despite police attacks. Demirtaş said, “Our people must be resolute. The aim is not a one hour protest. We are trying to break the siege of Sur.”




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