Turkey’s actions concerning Syria constitute a violation of the latest UN Security Council resolution. This opinion was expressed during an interview by the “Peoples will” party secretary and member of the “Front for Change and Liberation” leadership Qadri Jamil.


Qadri Jamil


“Turkey violates the latest UN Security Council resolution by bombing the Syrian territory and helping militants cross over from Turkey to Syria”, – says Jamil.


Jamil has also noted that Turkey must be forced to respect the decisions of the UN.


“The international community must think how to stop this and make Turkey respect the UN Security Council’s decisions,” Jamil stressed. “The UN Security Council has groups which monitor the ceasefire regime. They will report [to the council] and corresponding conclusions will be drawn”. 


Recall, the UN Security Council in the recent resolution unanimously supported the ceasefire in Syria. The truce came into effect at midnight on February 27.




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