As a result of the sanctions amount of Italian export to Russia has reached its lowest level over the last 10 years. However, the loss of the Russian market caused not only financial damage. The lack of Italian products in Russia has led to the appearance of fakes, which significantly spoil the image of the Italian producers, writes La Repubblica.


According to the Italian association of agricultural producers Coldiretti, the cooldown of relations between Europe and Russia, and the imposition of sanctions resulted a serious reduction of Italian export to Russia. It has reached its lowest level over the last 10 years, according to La Repubblica.


“Sanctions have become the basis for long-term trade war, which has damaged the iconic Italian branches of industry, from food to the fashion and automotive industry”, – said representatives of the association. They also noted that in comparison with 2013, when sanctions have not yet been introduced, the export volume in 2015 decreased by 3.7 billion euros and amounted to 7.1 billion.


The agricultural sector became the most affected. In addition to the direct disbenefits caused by the Russian embargo on supplying of certain products from the EU and a number of other states, and sanctions have led to the indirect consequences. In particular, the loss of the Russian trade area has led to price drops. Furthermore, the lack of Italian products in Russia has led to the spread of counterfeit products, “which have nothing common with Italy”.


Except to the agriculture sector were also affected other industries. Sanctions have also deal a heavy blow to the textile industry, manufacturers of furniture and cars.




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