Today in the capital of Montenegro, Podgorica will be held another anti-government demonstration under the slogan ‘Until Freedom!’.



According to organizers the opposition coalition “Democratic Front” is the collapse of the government, as well as “controlled opposition”, were shown by recent negotiations in the Parliament. Despite the mass protests of citizens by a vote of (no) confidence to the Government of Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic, current regime remains in power.


Activists believe that the Montenegrin authorities are mired in corruption and nepotism, and the elections were stolen. In addition, much of the opposition is categorically against joining NATO. 


The Democratic Front will continue to follow a method of peaceful, legitimate civil protest. The main demand of the opposition is the formation of a transitional government and holding of fair elections. 


The demonstration begins at 19:00 (21:00 Moscow time). News Front agency will broadcast live event online.




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