The Syrian army is fully ready for ceasefire and Damascus is ready to start talks with the opposition on March 7, Syria’s Ambassador to Russia Riyad Haddad said Friday.


“The Syrian army is ready for ceasefire, only one order is required for Damascus to stop military actions,” Haddad said at the conference “Middle East: From Violence to Security” at the Valdai discussion club. “We are coordinating our actions with representatives of the Russian Federation,” he added noting that “the only issue here is whether opposition representatives will comply” with the ceasefire.


Answering a question on who will monitor the observation of ceasefire regime in Syria, Haddad said: “Russia and United States are two countries supervising this process.”


“The UN special envoy will name the date but the Syrian government is ready for this,” Haddad said referring to the intra-Syrian talks.




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