Montenegrins are divided on the issue of relations with NATO, showed the recent research of IPSOS agency, which was published today by the local media.


If the referendum took place this Sunday, the attendance will amount to 76%, the report says. At the same time Montenegro would not have entered into the alliance: 42% would vote for NATO membership, 38% – against.


Put a special focus that this year 48% of the citizens of the country optimize accession into NATO, and 47% – negatively relate to the issue.


Regardless of personal views, 70% of Montenegrins believe their country will join the military bloc.


Nevertheless, many Montenegrin politicians, in particular during interviews with News Front have repeatedly expressed their distrust to official polls. According to them, more than 70% of Montenegrins are against NATO, but the regime of Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic, publishing more “beneficial” facts, trying to give the legitimacy appearance to his movement towards NATO.


Recall, on 2 December, NATO member countries have sent an invitation to Montenegro to join the alliance. Despite the massive protest movement in the country, approximately in a year it can become a member of the hostile military bloc.




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