Attacks by Turkish state forces continue in the Kurdish districts of Sur, Cizre, Idil, Nusaybin and Derik. Eight people who were killed in Cizre’s basements were identified in Silopi today. Mortar attacks have continued in Idil with neighborhoods being raked with gunfire. Citizens have been trapped in several basements in Sur for a week.




Citizens began to return to their homes without water and electricity in the Yafes neighborhood of Cizre, Şırnak province, where 24-hour martial lockdown has been ongoing for over 45 days. Many homes have been demolished and burned in the town. Citizens are trying to recover. However, state forces put a fence around the Yafes neighborhood and beltway to control entrance and exit into the town.
The Interior Minister had announced that “the operation is over” following the massacre of over 150 people in 3 basements, but attacks by state forces have continued in the town.




Martial lockdown is continuing for the 9th day in Şırnak’s Idil district. Tanks have taken position in the Xirapşeref village and TOKİ housing areas. Tanks also bombed the Yeni neighborhood today. Many homes have been demolished due to the attacks. Meanwhile, two Cobra type helicopters shelled the neighborhood, in which is a new development, the first time there has been aerial shelling. Intense clashes broke out between state forces and YPS/YPS-Jin in the Turgut Özal neighborhood at noon.




Resistance has continued in the Nusaybin district of Mardin while state forces have maintained their attacks. Armoured vehicles have taken position in the old hospital and on Çağcag Avenue. Armored vehicles raked the Abdülkadirpaşa neighbourhood with gunfire.




Martial lockdown has continued in the Derik district of Mardin for six days. The night was calm in the town. However, there were violent explosions in the Kale neighborhood, where barricades and trenches are standing.




Martial lockdown, blockade and attacks have continued in the Sur district of Diyarbakır for the 85th day. Many civilians, including four-month-old Elif Su and her mother, have been trapped in several basements in the town. A delegation, among them HDP MP Sibel Yiğitalp, are still waiting in Sur to evacuate the wounded and civilians from the town.


Hundreds of people tried to enter the district to break the blockade today but were attacked by state forces using tear gas, water cannons and live ammunition. Many people were injured.




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