Footage has emerged from a house in Amed’s (Diyarbakir) Sur district where dozens of people remain trapped amid intensified attacks by state forces on the 85th day of the siege and 24-hour martial lockdown. A woman speaking in the video says; “There are wounded people among us. We cannot breathe because of the gas.”


The footage shows 6 children aged between 2 and 11, two of whom are suffering from wounds. All the buildings around are seen to have been demolished as a result of heavy artillery and tank strikes by Turkish military and police forces.


The woman speaking in the video says; “Civilian areas are being bombed and shelled with tanks. We as local people are aggrieved. Some of us are wounded. Kadir was hit by a bomb that fell on our house yesterday. He was wounded in the arm and head. We cannot breathe since yesterday evening. They (state forces) are continuously firing tear gas. I cannot comprehend for what the state is trying to kill its own people. We do not understand why the state is killing civilians.”


The woman calls attention to their critical situation, and states that there are hundreds of other families victimised by the ongoing offensive in Sur. She notes that they cannot receive news from these people and makes a call to the government, saying; “We are the people. We are civilians. Do not bomb us. Do not murder our children.”


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