KIEV. The Ukrainian Embassy has expressed disappointment at the screening of a documentary on Maidan protests by French film director Paul Moreira “The Masks Of the Revolution” by the Polish TV channel TVN24 describing it as “an unfriendly gesture.”


“The most painful thing is that the Polish TV channel timed this film to coincide with the second anniversary of the Revolution of Dignity,” the Ukrainian Embassy in Poland said on its official Facebook page.


Ukraine earlier asked the Canal+ French TV channel to take this film off the air, since it allegedly distorts the actual events. However, the request was ignored, and the film was shown on this TV channel on February 2.


In his documentary French journalist and filmmaker Paul Moreira tries to gain an insight into the Odessa Trade Unions House tragedy and the U.S. role in developments in Ukraine. When making the film, he met with representatives of the Azov and Right Sector paramilitary battalions. The Right Sector group has been designated as extremist in Russia and banned.