Early in the morning, Tiger Forces entered and imposed full control over the villages of Jubb al-Safa, Kabarah, Rayyan, Al-Halabiyah, Dakwanah, Tall Istabl, Ain Sabil and Tall Riman. As such, the Syrian Arab Army has now officially captured a large previously ISIS-held pocket in eastern Aleppo while simultaneously securing a safe pathway for government supplies from Aleppo city to Kuweiris Airbase.


According to an Al-Masdar source, only a few ISIS suicide bombers remained in the villages; their main aim was to inflict maximum casualties upon advancing government soldiers. Apparently, hundreds of ISIS fighters had already managed to retreat towards al-Bab prior to government forces encircling this area.


Nevertheless, dozens of improvised ISIS traps, mines and bombs have been planted as to harass the Syrian Arab Army’s rapid advances in eastern ALeppo. Reportedly, many are yet to be dismantled – however, Syrian bomb disposal units are currently engaged with this task.


Yesterday, government forces finally managed to capture the strategic Aleppo Thermal Power Plant from ISIS fighters. This vital piece of infrastructure could very well enable a more steady stream of electricity to the people of Aleppo city in the months to come.


Over the past month, Syrian government troops have gradually built a corridor from Aleppo city to Kuweiris Airbase and carried out a pincer manuever on ISIS fighters in the region. Since launching the offensive on the 23rd of January, elite Tiger Forces of the Syrian Arab Army have captured approximately 30 villages from ISIS militants.


Furthermore, hundreds of government troops are reportedly in the process of being redeployed to the eastern Aleppo frontline as the Syrian Arab Army is likely to attack either Deir Hafer or Al-Bab in the very near future. If the Islamic State loses these strongholds, they will be forced to flee towards their capital of ar-Raqqah further east.


Al Masdar