Hungary: Authorities concerned on large flow of illegal migrants from Serbia


Hungarian authorities have reported about significant increase of the number of migrants illegally crossing the border with Serbia. This year, tensions in the country’s southern border have significantly increased, says the report.


This month about 1,500 migrants tried to cross the border from Serbia illegally, and only 500 during the past weekend. 


It is important to note that we are not talking about the Syrians, but about the so-called “economic migrants” from Morocco, Iran, Palestine and other Middle Eastern states.


Balkan States, which are the first on the way of refugees to Europe, are still unable to agree on self-defense measures. In particular, Slovenia which today passes only those who are planning to move to Europe in transit, has offered to stop migrants in Greece and Macedonia. 


Those limits, according to the Slovenian authorities, are required in connection with the terrorist threat posed by the uncontrolled flow of migrants.