An astonishing warning Turkish prime minister Ahmet Davutoglu made after Kurdish militants apparently carried out a deadly car bombing in the country’s capital on Wednesday in which 28 people including six Turkish soldiers were killed.


The row is the latest escalation in a heated war of words between Russia and Turkey which broke out after the Turkish F-16 shot down a Soviet jet over Syria.


Both sides have accused each other of sponsoring terrorism, with Putin claiming last year that Turkey is buying oil from ISIS militants.


In a televised statement, Davutoglu said: “I am warning Russia once again. If these terror attacks continue, they will be as responsible as the YPG.”


Russia has repeatedly denied involvement in terrorist activities, instead insisting that it is Ankara which is sponsoring terrorists.


The YPG has denied carrying out Wednesday’s bombing in Ankara, claiming that it was an inside job by the Turkish government to build a case for sending ground troops into Syria, Express reported.




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