In the Serbian capital of Belgrade on the eve of Saturday, Feb. 20, took place a rally against the expansion of cooperation with NATO. The occasion was the signing of the law, according to which the military alliance gains the right to freedom of movement throughout the country, including military facilities, exempts from paying taxes, and endowed with diplomatic immunity.


Adoption of the law has caused a wide public resonance. The patriotic parties and organizations were strongly against the document which violates, in their view, the declared principle of military neutrality of the state.


During a protest in front of the Serbian President’s residence, representative of the “Zavetnitsy” Milica Djurdjevic said that the signing of such a law is a consent to the occupation, and said that the Constitutional Court will be filed a suit for the verification of this decision. The movement’s leader Stefan Stamenkovski demanded a referendum on the issue of cooperation with NATO, and pledged that otherwise Patriots will take even more people to the streets.


After the rally people marched to the Russian embassy in Belgrade. During the movement of the column were sounded Serbian patriotic songs. Also, the entire center of the capital was thundered by the “Holy War” in Russian. Traditionally, during the Serbian patriotic protest in the crowd could be seen not only Serbian flags, but also flags of Russia, Novorossiya, DPR and LPR, Imperial and St. George’s.


There were slogans against NATO and the EU, as well as against the PM Aleksandar Vučić and President Tomislav Nikolic who had signed the law. Participants called for assistance from Russia and Vladimir Putin.


According to organizers, the protest was attended by over 15 thousand people.















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