More than 500 “insurgents and Islamist militants” entered Syria from Turkey, says The Guardian newspaper referring to the Syrian Organization for Human Rights. 


“At least 500 rebels crossed the border crossing Bab Es Salaam on the way to the town of Azaz, where they want to support the rebels in the fight with the Kurds, who have achieved victories in the north of the province”, – said the head of the organization Rami Abdel.

He confirmed that among them there are militants of the “Islamic state”. All of them are armed, Abdul added. 


In addition, approximately 350 another fighters armed with both heavy and light weapons, allegedly crossed the border between Turkey and Syria through the border crossing Atma on February 14, said the British newspaper.


In the town of Azaz, located on the territory of the province of Aleppo, eight kilometers from the Syrian-Turkish border, the Kurds considerably pushed back opposition forces. Militants fighting against the Syrian government, are suffering defeat after the Syrian army with the support of Russian combat aircraft, went on the offensive. The opposition, however, continues to consolidate Azaz, as well as the city of Marea 25 kilometers from Aleppo, writes The Guardian.


At the same time frightened with advancements of the Syrian Kurds, Turkey continues to attack their positions. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said earlier that Ankara does not intend to stop the shelling.




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