An investigation into the Turkish president’s son Bilal Erdogan, who lives with his family in Bologna was initiated in Italy. 


“I can confirm that such an investigation is underway”, – said the prosecutor’s office.


Attempt to contact the office of the prosecutor-investigator Manuela Cavallo, leading the case was yet failed. 


Lawyer Massimiliano Annette, representing the interests of the Turkish businessman Murat Hakan Huzan, who initially have presented the documents showing illegal activity of Erdogan, suggested that the prosecution had a good reason to start the investigation. 


“In fact, the documents were sent to the prosecutor’s office in September. However, the case has not been set in motion. Including, perhaps because my client did not have sufficient evidences, everything was based on the assumptions only. Now, apparently, the prosecutor’s office has found grounds for filing a case”, – said the lawyer.


He explained that his client suffered from the regime of Recep Tayyip Erdogan and forced to live in exile.


As was reported by the Corriere di Bologna, 35-year-old Bilal, who arrived in Bologna about a year ago for writing a dissertation at Johns Hopkins University, is suspected of money laundering. The case was opened on the basis of statements of the Turkish businessman Murat Hakan Huzan, political oppositionist, who now forced to live in exile in France. According to the lawyer, Erdogan has brought a large sum of money to Italy derived from illegal activities.


Earlier, in an interview with Corriere della Sera Bilal had denied the allegations that he is engaged in illegal oil trade. He claimed that has no interest in this area.




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