Beirut, SANA- Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah affirmed on Tuesday that the will of steadfastness and confrontation in Syria has triumphed, pointing out that it is very strong at all levels and it will not be allowed to be controlled by anyone.


“Syria will remain for its people who will determine their destiny and decide Syria’s future, constitution and leadership, and it will remain the pole of the resistance tent in the region” Nasrallah stressed in a speech during celebrating Martyr Leaders’ anniversary in the Beirut southern suburb.”


“The project of Turkey to establish Ottoman Empire has failed, and the Saudi project failed too in Syria as it reaped only disappointment,” Nasrallah pointed out, affirming that the ” Turkish and Saudi announcement of ground intervention in Syria came after the failure of the terrorists supported by the Saudi and Turkish regimes.”


He said “the Israeli occupation entity considers the developments in the region a golden opportunity to present itself as a friend and some of the Arab –Israeli relations began to appear,” adding that “this entity meets strongly with the Saudi and the Turkish regimes and agrees with them to hinder any settlement for the crisis in Syria.”


He considered that the presence of Saudi Arabia and Turkey directly may lead to a war that will develop regionally and internationally, adding “they seek to fulfill this option after all the failures they have received.”


Nasrallah affirmed that Israel has offered different forms of support to the terrorist organizations, logistically and military, and has worked behind curtains against Syria because it saw that Syria poses a threat to its projects and interests in the region.


He reiterated that Syria’s allies are standing by its army and people to preserve its national unity.