The aim of the appeal is a closing of the milititary operation against Kurds on the north of Syria, which conducts Ankara. Turkish artillery for the forth day are shelling Kurdish Self-Defense Forces fighters at the Minneh airbase and in a nearby village.


The international community and the UN Security Council need to put pressure on Turkey so that it stopped military operations against the Kurds in northern Syria, claimed the Co-Chairman of the People’s Council of Western Kurdistan Senam Mohamed.


“We are the Kurds, who are fighting against the “Islamic State”, we are those who seek for democracy and freedom for its people”, – said Mohamed. “I’m asking the international community and the Security Council to exert pressure on Turkey to stop the bombardment of our people”, – said the representative of the Council.


The Russian Foreign Ministry said Monday that Moscow was concerned about shelling of the Syrian territory by the Turkish side and regards them as a blatant support for terrorism and the violation of UN Security Council resolutions. 


Mohamed has also commented the published on media on Tuesday appeal to the high-ranking Turkish official joint ground operations in Syria and its allies from the international coalition against the terrorist group “Islamic state” to end the war in the Middle Eastern country. 


“It is unclear what aims the Turkish government, calling for ground operations in Syria. This is our land. Turkey has been threatened before that it would come to the Syrian land, but until now it was just smoke without fire”, – he said.




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