Italy opposed the automatic extension of sanctions against Russia and intends to start this discussion in June, stated the head of the Federation Council international committee Konstantin Kosachev after a meeting with the parliamentary group of friendship between Italy and Russia on Wednesday.


“Parliamentarians reminded about the position which was publicly announced by the country’s PM Matteo Renzi that in June, Italy will not allow the automatic renewal of sanctions against Russia. I think Italy is not alone in this, the discussion will certainly take place. And we will see – what will be a result”, – said Kosachev. 


He stressed that during the meeting, all participants agreed that the sanctions are not giving results, and have lost their meaning. 


“Our Italian partners have also agreed that responsibility for the implementation of the Minsk agreements and determining the lifting of sanctions can not be just solely lay on Russia. This is unfair and illogical”, – said the parliamentarian. 


He stressed that such a position does not facilitate, but makes difficult the progress of the Minsk agreements, since this does not motivate Ukrainian side on their implementation.




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