Russian Deputy PM Dmitry Rogozin will not be able to come to Montenegro at the invitation of the opposition Democratic Front. This was reported today by the Montenegrin media referring the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the European Integration.


Rogozin is on the list of Russian citizens, who are denied to entry Montenegro in the framework of the EU sanctions. Though Montenegro is not a member of the EU but now has joined those sanctions.


As it was previously reported, Rogozin was invited to Montenegro by the representative of the Democratic Front, one of the leaders of the anti-NATO campaign, Milan Knezevic. The media reports stated that the opposition has not previously consulted the “relevant departments”.


Meanwhile, Knesevic said that despite sanctions, his party is ready to take on the organization of the visit of the Russian politician with Balkan roots.


“The Democratic People’s Party guarantees his safety. This Montenegrin regime is talked with the agents and representatives of the “Islamic state” and threatened to arrest Russian Deputy PM, the only force that uncompromisingly fight against the global terrorist organization”, – Knezevic said.




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