Russian Ambassador in Turkey, Andrei Karlov said that Russian citizens, whom Turkey suspects in involvement with the “Islamic State” are usually don´t sent to Russia but to Georgia or Ukraine.




“It is important not only to get an information that the detained Russian citizens, who are suspected in having ties with Russia. It is also important to get information about his fate. Very often suspected Russian citizens were deported from Turkey not into Russia but to the third countries, with whom we neither have diplomatic relations (Georgia), or have the ratio of stress (Ukraine). If the suspects are sent to those countries, the possibility of our actions for their arrest are reduced to zero”, – said Karlov.


According to Russian Ambassador, Turkey said that the deportation was conducted at will of the prisoners.


“I think that if a person who is suspected in having ties with ISIS do not want to return to Russia, it is one more proof of the fact that he really belongs to ISIS or would like to join it”, – said Karlov.




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