No news has been received for 48 hours from the basement in Cizre where dozens of people remain trapped for 10 days now.


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HDP MP Meral Danış Beştaş, who is on hunger strike for the trapped people in Cizre and in negotiations with state actors for their evacuation, was the last person to speak to someone in the basement. In the first of three recorded calls made two days ago things are quiet, but in the second recording a loud explosion and then gunfire is heard as people scream at the special operations police outside the building. In the third call the man in the basement says they are stuck under rubble.


Of the 31 people in the basement, 7 of the wounded have died due to blood loss so far, while 15 others are in critical condition, still waiting for an ambulance on the 10th day of the atrocity.


While state forces deployed around the area are still denying ambulance access to the basement, a group of 11 women including the mothers of the wounded tried to walk to Cudi neighborhood to reach the people yesterday. The women were detained by special operation police and later released from custody.


Speaking after the release, the women said that they had managed to reach the backyard of the building, which had been demolished completely, with the entrance blocked by a pile of debris.


Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) deputy Faysal Sarıyıldız who is also in Cizre pointed out that it was not impossible to reach the building. He said; “Mothers were able to access the backyard but they were blocked and detained by state forces and forced to return. So, it is not impossible as is claimed by Turkish officials to reach the scene. Yet, officials continue to assert that clashes in the area are preventing access to the building. Those mothers made it to the area to get their children out, but they were hindered once again. The people in the basement have been left to die.”


In the meantime, a voluntary healthcare team of 11 people from the Doctors and Health Employees Union has once again been stopped on their way to Cizre to evacuate those in the basement. The group will once again leave for Cizre from Mardin’s Midyat district today.


Also group of HDP deputies and the families of Dersim Aksoy, Feride Yıldız, Mehmet Yavuzel and Rohat Aktaş, who are among the wounded in the basement, will also leave for Cizre today.


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