In the case of coming to power, the opposition of Montenegro will lift sanctions against Russia, said the leader of the “New Serbian Democracy” party Andrija Mandic.


Earlier Montenegro supported anti-Russian sanctions of the European Union.


He noted that the “Democratic Front” is “the traditional opposition, which wants to preserve and increase the relationships that had been developed by our fathers”. Mandic recalled that Montenegrin opposition is protesting against the government for several months, and their position is supported by “tens of thousands of citizens”.


“They say that the two most shameful decisions of the Montenegrin authorities – is the recognition of the pseudo-state of Kosovo and the introduction of sanctions against the brotherly Russia”, – said the Montenegrin politician during a meeting with the State Duma Speaker Sergei Naryshkin in Moscow.


According to him, Montenegro is “much obliged to Russia: 300 years ago, it would not be neither created nor have survived during the Ottoman Empire, if it hadn’t have such a reliable and strong defender”.


“The first thing that will make the future government of Montenegro is a lifting of sanctions against Russia. It will build the best relations with her”, – stressed Mandic.




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