Washington wants Russia marginalized, weakened, destabilized, contained and isolated, transformed into another US vassal state.


On Friday, RT International quoted Russian National Anti-Terrorist Committee spokesman Andrey Przhezdomsky, saying:


“Russian special services have intelligence that certain IS groups are preparing terrorist attacks in Russia and European nations.”


“In particular, a battalion formed mainly from recruits from North Caucasus headed by Akhmed Chetayev, nicknamed One-Handed.”


Reportedly it includes dozens of Russian nationals, returning home after fighting with ISIS in Syria.


Russian border guards and special services aim to stem their flow through Turkey, aided by Erdogan’s regime – complicit with Washington and other rogue partners.


According to Przhezdomsky, hundreds of ISIS fighters were interdicted, scores arrested before they could join their ranks.


Twenty-two US-supported recruiters were caught. So far, terrorist attacks were averted. “Just recently, a group of hardcore militants arrived from Syria, planning to hit” a major Russian city, Przhezdomsky explained.


RT said “(t)he group entered Russia legally, found a safe house and purchased parts for making improvised explosive devices, unaware that they were being followed by Russian agents.”


“They were arrested and are awaiting trial,” Przhezdomsky said. He believes ISIS’ strength passed its peak, but remains a serious threat.


He explained “a well-developed system for trafficking IS recruits into Syria. The main route goes through Istanbul.”


“People fill in a form, write their bio, their identity is checked, their mobile phones hacked. If any suspicion comes out of it, the recruit is taken into solitary confinement and awaits punishment. Usually in the form of being shot to death.” 


Washington is waging war on Russia without declaring it, a lunatic scheme risking mass annihilation. 


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