Clashes have renewed overnight between extremist groups of al-Nusra Front and the Islamic State on the outskirts of the northeastern border town of Arsal and the Zamrani crossing in the outskirts of al-Jarajir in Qalamoun, the Voice of Lebanon radio (93.3) reported on Sunday.

The IS had launched an attack at the al-Malahi area in a bid to control the last bastion of al-Nusra.

Violent confrontations took place and heavy weapons were used in areas close to the encampments of Syrian refugees who supplied al-Nusra with additional fighters to face the IS.

Clashes had erupted between the two extremist groups recently, but military sources have downplayed their threat on Lebanon saying the clashes were over positions in the area.

Some reports said that the clashes are an attempt by the IS to create an emirate that extends from the eastern Bekaa region to the sea.

The violent fighting left several militants dead and wounded from both sides.

The clashes spread to most areas in Arsal’s outskirts and in Syria’s Qalamoun where al-Nusra and IS have posts.

The militants of al-Nusra and the IS clash with the army occasionally, but a major confrontation erupted in August 2014 when the two groups overran Arsal.

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