Wounded in Cizre basement ask for “just water”


The 19 people trapped in a basement in Cizre’s Cudi neighborhood for 7 days are still waiting for an ambulance.


The wait for medical assistance has caused the death of 6 people who bled to death; four others are in life-threatening condition at the moment and one person has lost consciousness.


Ambulances, including those belonging to Cizre Municipality aren’t allowed access to the scene which remains under attack by Turkish forces pretending to be engaged in “clashes with terrorists” in the area. The aggression has destroyed the top three floors of the building already. The trapped civilians do not have water for the past three days.


It is reported that one of trapped people managed to unscrew the bolts of the water purification tank in the basement and take out a litre of water, which was only enough to wet “everyone’s lips with cotton.”

Democratic Regions’ Party (DBP) Party Assembly Member Mehmet Yavuzer who is one of the wounded in the basement said the following in a SMS he sent to Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) MP Faysal Sarıyıldız who is also in the town;


“I will kill myself. It is enough now. I don’t want to hear any more screams for water. I don’t want anyone to call me anymore. Water, comrade, just water…”


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