The last week of January, 2016 has been an amazing week. One indicator is western mainstream media having literally gone crazy to implicate Russian President Vladimir Putin in SOMETHING. In fact the BBC, Newsweek and other innuendo aimed at Putin suggest, anything, anything at all will pass as news, as long as the Russian leader is on the down side. From ordering former KGB spies assassinated, to stealing the wealth of Russia, Putin seems to have driven the powers in England and America out of their minds. Here’s a brief rundown of the crimes of this arch villain, and the super sleuths who are arrayed against him. 




Vladimir Putin – KGB Killer Elitist


On January 21st, BBC announced that Vladimir Putin “Probably” of ex-Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko in 2006. This set fire to a typical corporate media fuze so apparently orchestrated, only coma victims missed the inflection. With no proof whatever, a long overdue report by a former Brit judge, Sir Robert Owen, tells BBC and the world how super-secret NSA revelations reveal the Russian president’s part in the decade old polonium 210 poisoning of Litvinenko. Meanwhile, internet memes abound poking fun at BBC for becoming a useless tabloid. Still, CNN and the American partners of sellout news chimed on. Then magically, just as veteran BBC reporters were caught looking down at their brown oxfords in shame, Mr. Putin was in the news again. Prime Minister David Cameron, the most idiotic puppet ever in Britain, took the opportunity to chime in:




We will continue with “some sort of relationship with them [Russia]” because of the Syria crisis, but it would be done with “clear eyes and a very cold heart”.


What a guy. I won’t go into how Cameron is worse than a trained mafia killer.




Vladimir Putin – Corruption’s Czar!


No sooner had the tweets about BBC’s bullshit stunk up social media but good, and BBC comes drops into anti-Putin overdrive parroting US Treasury department official, Adam Szubin’s clown-like allegations the American government “considers Russian President Vladimir Putin to be corrupt.” Szubin, who oversees US Treasury sanctions, has told BBC Panorama that the Russian president is corrupt and that the US government has known this for many, many years. Excuse me, but if they’ve known about his corruption for so long, how come presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton’s agreeing to sell America’s uranium assets to Russia is not under investigation? Sorry, I could not resist.


“American officials “will continue to hinder ISIL’s ability to gain, move and use funds, and will work closely with our partners across the U.S. government and the international community to destroy this brutal organization.” — Adam J. Szubin 


The pencil neck (I am sorry) bean counter Szubin goes on to talk about Putin’s lining the pockets of his friends, while shunning those he finds unworthy. Szubin, who has obviously been made America’s Sanctions Czar by virtue of his unflappable loyalty to someone in Washington, bases all his opinions on his personal observations. As we see from his comment above, ISIL has been stopped in their tracks by his efforts alone!


This leads me into the most recent story of Putin haters around the world can sop up with their biscuits and gravy, it comes via Newsweek.




Arise Ye All Putin Hating Russian Mafiosos! 


Damien Sharkov looks like a nice boy. Maybe he is just misguided. The reporter and social media guru for Newsweek Europe just can’t tell the difference between a real killer and a make believe one. Since the Putin/Corrupt assertions in mainstream media did not catch on like his KGB killing techniques did, IBT Media’s famous magazine dug up none other than ousted oil oligarch gain. The man Putin spared before Sochi, a wanted criminal in Russia now, has launched his latest feeble attempt to jab at the Russian president, a project is called the Open Russia University. I wont bore you with the details here.


Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the man Britain’s energy Czar, John Browne Baron of Madingly characterized as a little too spooky, and way too Russian mafia-like, he turns up like the proverbial bad penny anytime there’s a chance to dig at Putin. If Putin “Probably” ordered Alexander Litvinenko’s killing, then Khodorkovsky has to be on camera somewhere pumping pistol rounds into Russian mayors and uncooperative Babushkas. The former Yukos oil billionaire pulled an Al Capone on the Russian energy section as soon as the USSR fell. Then, when Putin rounded up all the most crooked oligarchs for jail or deportation… well, the rest is history. As for Newsweek, I find that magazine’s interests interesting. Here’s where our story gets going good…


Weak News or Newsweek?


These days I’ve made it a habit to research the latest media acquisitions to find out who’s behind the stories we read. It’s a good habit to get into, for those who want to gauge what to believe. Newsweek is an old American magazine, acquired back in 2013 by a somewhat mysterious company, IBT Media, which is in turn owned (supposedly) by Etienne Uzac and Johnathan Davis. In order to answer the question “Why so much vehement Putin hate?” – I ventured to see what these guys are all about. While there’s very little real information about IBT available, one admitted association of the media company is Olivet University, and the evangelist pastor at the center there, one David J. Jang. IBT claims its founders got a small business loan to start the business, but the rapid growth and obvious liquidity of the company seem unusual to me, and especially given almost all major media are bleeding money these days. But it’s Jang, his suggested backing of IBT, which adds color for our Putin evil story here.


This post on Christianity Today tells us of Evangelist Jang’s involvement with Newsweek and ITB, but more importantly of his hailing as “The Second Coming of Christ”. You read that correctly. It is fair to announce an upcoming BBC story entitled; “Christ Himself Probably Hates Putin” – though I would submit, Putin favors an archangel of the Apocalypse more than David J. Jang seems Christ like. Some say Putin is, in fact, the last hope of Christian values period, but that’s another story. For now it’s abundantly clear the world is having its collective leg pulled, and hard. On the mysterious preacher Jang, and his associations with the IBT dynamic duo, this Guardian post offers some insight. Co-founder of IBT, Etienne Uzac’s LinkeIn pedigree takes us back only as far as 2013, and a bit before when he graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science. As for Johnathan Davis, he graduated UCLA in 2005 and went to work almost immediately as Executive Editor at the International Business Times. 


Christ, Russian mafiosos that Britain will not allow to be extradited, Obama’s treasury people, only Mother Jones knows what the hell is going on with the forces arrayed against Russia, China, and other nations these days. Ben Dooley, in fact, authored a piece about the Neo-Jesus’ disciples, and why they seem so anxious to hide their ties to religious sects etc. I’ll leave you to the Mother Jones revelations on our Neo-Lord-Jesus-Christ and his IBT evangelists. What I’ve already gleaned from Dooley’s piece is the fact IBT used illegal aliens and sweat shop labor help to boost their editorial prowess.




Hey, At Least Putin Don’t Use Kids As Slave Labor! 


Mother uncovered kids in America on student visas, working their assess off for peanuts working for this media. If I am wrong, blame Mother, not me. Page two of Ben Dooley’s book of revelations on Newsweek shocked even me, if that tell you anything. The new Newsweek owners, their new found love affair with Mikhail Khodorkovsky, and hatred for Vladimir Putin, it all begins to make sense when the Mother Jones report is factored in. Khodorkovsky uses media to propagandize against Putin, Newsweek and IBT before it, have to have backing from somewhere. Given Reverend Jang’s following is the human-power behind the publishing, and as one former follower told Mother, mostly for free, ties to former Russian crime bosses makes a lot of sense for me. At the moment IBT bought Newsweek, both International Business Times and Jang’s spiritual community were in effect, flat broke. Magically, from out of nowhere apparently, ITB Media announces in August 2013 it has bought one of America’s most prominent news magazines for an undisclosed sum. The mud slinging against Putin and the 2014 Sochi Olympics began almost immediately.


Now Google the search term “Newsweek + Mikhail Khodorkovsky” and observe. Maybe heaven on Earth is around the corner. It could be God almighty intends to influence our belief systems via Newsweek first, and maybe the Queen’s BBC too. Then later he will destroy Vladimir Putin with his mighty pen. Somehow I doubt this. It seems more likely Vladimir Putin may end up fighting tooth and nail at the head of the armies of Russia, to try and save the 144,000.


To be continued…


Phil Butler