Sweden is planning to expel as many as 80,000 asylum seekers who arrived last year but whose applications have been rejected, according to interior minister Anders Ygeman.


The government has asked the police to organize the expulsion, with asylum-seekers to be sent back to their country of origin on chartered flights.


More than one million migrants and refugees sought home in Europe last year, most fleeing conflict in Syria and Iraq. 


More than 46,000 people have arrived to Greece this year alone, and more than 170 have died attempting to reach the shores, according to the United Nations. The latest incident involved 11 migrants drowning off the coast of Greece, including children, with several still missing, according to authorities.


Sweden has received the largest amount of asylum seekers in relation to its 9.8 million population, with an estimated figure of 160,000 people in 2015. In recent days, the overcrowded conditions of some refugee centers have sparked debate over whether the country is allowing too many refugees.


Officials have also called for greater security and resources to assess the trauma level of individuals who have experienced conflicts in their home countries after a young migrant stabbed and killed an employee inside a refugee center on Tuesday.


The neighboring country of Denmark, meanwhile, recently passed legislation that will allow officials to seize the valuables of refugees, to both pay for the expenses of asylum and to deter new migrants from attempting to reach the country.






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