Another civilian among the 28 people trapped in a building in Şırnak’s Cizre district has died due to blood loss. The death toll has gone up to 4 in the building, with at least another 16 people wounded. Martial lockdown and the siege of Cizre by Turkish state forces continues in its 43rd day.


At least 28 people were wounded in an artillery attack in the Cudi neighbourhood of Cizre three days ago; they took refuge in the basment of a five-story building but have been under continuous attack since then, as state forces prevent them accessing medical care.


Four of the 28 people have died in the past three days. The first casualty was confirmed as university student Cihan Kahraman, who had travelled to Cizre following the Democratic Youth Congress in Amed (Diyarbakir) in December, to be in solidarity with the resistance there.


The second and third casualties’ identities have not been confirmed yet but the 4th casualty is reported as being 28-year-old Selami Yılmaz, who was shot in the leg by police forces and has died of blood loss.


The building the injured people have taken shelter in was under attack for the third day in a row  by state forces today and reports by Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) MP Faysal Sariyildiz confirm that the building has largely been destroyed, with the injured in the basement having difficulty breathing.


Cizre People’s Assembly Co-Chair Mehmet Tunç, who is also in Cizre, has said that the people in the building are attending to the wounds of the injured with wool taken from pillows because all medical materials have been exhausted.


Although an interim measure has been ordered by the European Court of Human Rights for the wounded to be allowed medical care and ambulance/hospital access the Turkish state has not taken any steps.


Another youth dies of blood loss in Sur


In another incident in Amed’s (Diyarbakir) Sur disctrict, a youth by the name of Hakan Aslan, who was shot on 22 January has also died of blood loss. The martial lockdown and siege in Sur has been ongoing for 55 dies.




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