On Jan. 27 in the capital of the Czech Republic Prague and on Jan.28 in Slovakia is preparing a pan-European campaign against NATO. EU and Balkans residents are going to make a stand against the aggressive policy of the West and NATO.




“Desperate and courageous struggle of the Montenegrins defending their freedom and preserving dignity as a nation having the right to decide their own destiny, touched many people and awakened the belief that we must fight. Every time Balkans with fraternal awe watched how Montenegro rebels against the will of others, without fear of going forward.


The people of Montenegro declared their loud and desperate “NO” to aggressive military alliance, because of which thousands of people have died, and they dared to go against the government in the face of Milo Djukanovic, who is betraying his homeland and the memory of dead brethren in the recent bombings of NATO aviation in 1999. It’s time to hear their voices.


Montenegro demanded a referendum – let the people say whether they want to join, and whether they like a cynical invitation.


Looking at the boldness of the Montenegrins, Bulgarians who had already drawn into NATO, without the consent of the people, and without a referendum, in the same way, which is now preparing for Montenegro, sincerely understand the situation. Bulgarians have expressed their intention to support the Montenegrins and their efforts and make a joint Balkan campaign.


Balkans voice raced through Europe as a call to unification. In the capital of the Czech Republic on the 27th of January and in Slovakia on January 28, is preparing strong international protest – the march against NATO and colonial, aggressive US policy in the subjection of peoples. People are rising against NATO, joining forces into a common front.


Unification into a common international front against terrorism and US aggression.


Many of EU and Balkans countries will join, and then we will have time to join in united anti-NATO front to protect our right to freedom, independence and a decent life, if the politicians can’t do it”, – informed the organizers of the action.






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